Bieby ‘Bro Fell Asleep In My Arms’


  • Anonymous

    so, so sweet :)

    i love you justin

  • Anonymous

    jayden said:
    guys who are good with kids are hot!!!

    he will make such a great daddy to my kids can’t wait picking names that go with “bieber” as we speak

  • Anonymous

    it’s so special to capture moments like this as justin is often away. jaxon will get to look back on these precious times and realize that even tho his brother wasn’t with him as much as he maybe would like, he was always, always loved. same for jazzy too of course

  • PlasticLovato

    i’ll fall asleep in your arms juz10

  • jayden

    guys who are good with kids are hot!!! ;) Nothing is more turning on than a good big brother <3