Liam Hemsworth Fills His Escalade Hybrid


‘Hunger Games’ actor Liam Hemsworth stopped to fill up his SUV in Studio City, California on February 18, 2013. Miley is finally back from New York City and hopefully has been spending engagement time with him rather than overdoing it in the studio. Photos: FameFlynet.

  • Anonymous

    He’s SO fucking hot and he’s a real man. Tough, big, not afraid to get dirty. Miley’s so lucky to have such a gorgeous man and he’s so lucky to have such a wild, crazy, fun, beautifully talented young woman to be with forever!

    I don’t want to hear ANY shit-talk about Liam or Miley or their relationship on this post. None of you know their status. They’re both working and have made a life-long commitment to one another. That’s something that u only do when in love.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    OceanUP is so hateful and against Miley it’s disgusting. Stop wasting your time hating on the woman who is more relevant than anyone else on this site (maybe not more than Bieber tho). She’s got everything on the rest of you.

    And Miley’s taking time to make this album, yes, because people have been complaining that she hasn’t been recording for 3 years and now that she’s working SUPER hard on her new album which will in the end be the best end product album of the year, people are complaining again. Then again, OCEANUP is never satisfied.

    Miley’s album will be the most successful of the year and won’t flop BECAUSE she’s not just throwing out a half-piece-of-shit scrap album in 2 months like Selena.


  • Anonymous

    Or…it could be a piece a crap; Miley will be depressed, Liam will be pissed because she’s not giving him her “essence”, he will cheat on her and they will break up by the summer. Since you have no idea what they do either, I’ll go with my story.

  • Anonymous

    He looks fat.

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