Taylor Swift Sued For Keeping $2.5M


Taylor Swift is being sued for not performing at a country music concert in Canada, reports TMZ A ticket company is suing Taylor for money they lost when the Capital Hoedown in Ottawa was canceled, which Swift was set to perform at. It claims that she made $2.5 million for the performance that never took place back in Aug. 2012.

The show was shut down when producers couldn’t get the concert organized, but Swift was still allegedly paid for the show. The company claims they had to refund $1.8 million in ticket sales, and they want Swift to pay for their loss. Her rep told TMZ Taylor never made a deal with the ticket company and has yet to see the lawsuit.

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  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    Ocean up i don’t believe in you.
    OU sucks

  • Anonymous

    this is ridiculous. stay strong taylor against the pretenders

  • Anonymous

    her reps deny it so i believe. taylor is the best young artist

  • jake

    taylor is just perfect. the company want publicity

  • Anonymous

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    her fans say they want news give it to them

  • Anonymous

    So the (failed) promoters expect Taylor to pay for their fuckup? lolz. Is this the way they do business in Canada? If it was in the contract then sure. But i am very much doubting this. Smells like a desperate case of guilt-tripping through public pressure.

    Anyway…i am sure Taylor is all like:


  • Anonymous

    Yeah just like when her rep said she didn’t know that that was a nazi symbol on a guys shirt she was dancing with

  • Anonymous

    Capital Hoedown was canceled. its not taylor fault.. leave taylor alone

  • Anonymous

    She still shouldnt get paid for an event that didn’t happen dur

  • Really?!?

    She was paid by the promoter. Her contract probably stated she gets paid either way that’s why she was paid upfront. It’s not her fault the promotors couldn’t get their shit together and plan the show. They canceled the show not her. The ticket people are sueing her bc the promoters are more then likely broke. She doesn’t have to give a dime back bc it’s not her problem it’s btw the promoters and ticket people.

  • kiki

    A source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop the festival organizers were responsible for the cancellation, and that Swift had no direct dealings with the responsible parties.

  • Anonymous

    Some lawsuits are so ridiculous that i can`t help but shake my head. The only way they get this money is if Taylor feels bad for them and gives it away. No fucking way there is a case for this bullshit.