Demi Lovato Choosing Music Or X-Factor?

L.A. Reid and Britney Spears have already confirmed they will not be returning to X-Factor, but Demi Lovato told MTV: ‘It’s hard ’cause at the end of the day, I’m a musician. So, I could take the opportunity to tour, and, you know, I have to be a business woman and I have to like balance it out on both aspects. But, at the same time I had some much fun. And I would love to go back.

It’s just a matter of making things work. And, you never know, I may do both; I may just pick one or the other.’ The show will be holding a round of auditions as soon as March 6 in the L.A. area. Her new single ‘Heart Attack’ is coming March 4, and she’s planning on getting real.

‘And the title is just about falling in love and taking that risk. But, she’s terrified and, by ‘she,’ I mean me. But, I think everyone comes to a point where they feel very vulnerable in falling in love and that’s what I’m talking about.’

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    I like Demi but i dont want her back, I want someone different whos younge maybe Miley? Or even better Nuck J.