Gregg Sulkin Tweeted: I’m very excited to be in the cast of #delirium. I just want to take time to say this to everyone who has followed my career and supported me so far: thank you. I am very grateful for all of you guys and I hope to make you proud and deliver the best pilot possible.

  • Anonymous

    deirium as in by lauren oliver?
    omg omg omg omg i can’t wait for the film

  • Anonymous

    I think it is going to be a TV show and not a movie! but I can’t wait either.. I believe Emma Roberts is in talks for the lead.

  • Anonymous

    the book delirium? OMG im reading the second one right now! cant believe it!!! so cool! and i LOVE emma robberts

  • Nora

    Emma Roberts IS the lead and it IS going to be a TV show on Fox.

  • DarkFantasy

    It will be a tv show.
    Emma already have this role.
    And first book will be in the pilot.

  • Anonymous

    Gregg sulkin is so full of himself. he is the biggest douche bag