Zayn Malik, ‘It’s Hard To Figure Girls Out!’


Zayn Malik told Tiger Beat: ‘I’m still the same person I was before I was famous. I still get completely nervous around a girl I like! I still freeze up and can’t speak. And, I still get those shivers and butterflies in my stomach! I still experience the same things I did before whenever I see someone who I find attractive or who I really like!’

Zayn wishes he knw what a girl was really thinking when he talks to her. He just can’t understand what his crush is secretly thinking: ‘You know what? I’d like to understand girls, but the trush is the more you think you understand, the less you actually do. It’s very hard to figure girls out!’

  • Anonymous

    “It’s very hard to figure girls out!'”

    They want you to beg for sex.
    They want you to have fame to get them to places they can’t get to.
    They all want your money.

    Why? To beat their friends and bitches to their idea of success.

  • Steph

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  • Anonymous

    His so hot

  • Anonymous

    Didn’t he say he understand girls. He has like 2 or 3 sisters so he understands girls because of his sisters something like that???

  • Anonymous

    he si pretty but someoen close hsi fucking mouth

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    zayn is fucking hot !