Niall Horan ‘I’m Seen As The Baby Of 1D’ +One Direction Have Older Female Fans


Niall Horan told Tiger Beat: ‘Can I tell you what the boys were just talking to me about today? The guys always see me as the baby of the group. They’re looking out for me all the time. They all told me today that if anyone was ever going to try and hurt me or do something bad to me, they would protect me. But, they said they would only do that if it was me, not if it was each other!

Since our first album was released, I don’ think I’ve changed at all. I’ve started growing a tiny bit of a beard, but I’m still just a skinny boy! My friends think I’ve stayed the same, so that is good.’

One Direction have built up a strong fan base among women over 50, reports Daily Mail. A study into the popularity of Britain’s favourite boy-band found that nearly half of One Direction fans are old enough to be their parents, while more than a seventh could be their grandparents.

Some 46 per cent of fans of the teenage boyband are aged 35 and above, while 15 per cent of fans are over 55. 1D have an average age of just 19 and a half and are all aged between 19 and 21. The study commissioned by online ticket resell site StubHub polled more than 2,000 people across all age groups and found that One Direction have a solid fan-base across all ages.

One Direction were twice as popular as Justin Bieber among people in their fifties and sixties Nearly one in five (18 per cent) of all under 25s classed themselves as fans, but at the other end of the spectrum 14 per cent of over 65s said that they supported the band.

The widespread level of support was in contrast to other ‘bubblegum’ pop artists who were less popular with older people. One Direction were twice as popular as Justin Bieber among people in their fifties and sixties, and four times as popular as fellow artist Connor Maynard.

‘One Direction frequently top StubHub’s list of best sellers, but it’s interesting to see that they have a much broader appeal than the traditional boy band. With so many of their fans in the 35 plus age range, perhaps those tickets are being snapped up by the older fans.’

  • Anonymous

    yeah I’ve heard they have tons of older fans !!

  • Anonymous

    That seems pretty true about them having older fans considering that I was listening to my local Adult Contemporary radio station and they played What Makes You Beautiful a couple of times which surprised me at first.

    Also the song was in the Top 10 on the Adult Pop & Adult Contemporary Chart. O.O

  • Anonymous

    Aww Niall! I can see why they are like that. It is true, he is the only one who seems to always be honest, appreciative, kind and in touch with his fans. I think the other boys see this and admire his ability to always remain level headed/ herself in spite of all the changes happening around him.