One Direction 2013 Tour Book Pictures


Via 1D Super Humans.

  • Anonymous

    its no one fault but the fans though. If the fans hadn’t made such a big deal about larry, then it wouldn’t even be a problem. Its sad that people took it as far as they did, it was cute as a joke among the fandom. Then people starting believing it and starting being mean to eleanour, harry, and louis. If there is anyone to blame its the fans, not management. It breaks my heart that people can’t except that they aren’t together because they don’t get to be as silly around each other as they use to be. Its sad that people point fingers at the wrong crowd instead of at themselves.

  • lila

    No matter if there actually IS such thing as “Larry”, it breaks my heart to see that the management does everything to keep them away from each other & avoid rumors to come up. In NONE of the pics they’re touching each other, all the others have their hands on someone else’s shoulder, etc only Harry & Louis do not touch like that :/ Reminds me of the event where Louis & Harry were talking and were discussing that they want to sit next to each other and the management interferes and shouts “You can’t sit together!”…

  • Anonymous