Justin Bieber ‘X’ CHRIST TATTOO


Justin Bieber showed off his new ‘X’ tattoo on his left arm in London on Monday night. It is the Greek letter ‘Chi’ which means Christ. Maybe Bieby thinks that he is the new savior?? New pix walking in London HERE!

  • Anonymous

    really? screw you oceanup.

  • Anonymous


  • homosapein

    are you serious ocean up? maybe he thinks he is the new savior.. yeah i don’t think so.. you need a reality check oceanup! you can not post stuff like that. you sound idiotic. be careful what you post, I am really interested by the people who run this site.. are you 12 or just retarded.????

  • Anonymous

    He’s not the new savior . He committed too much sins .

  • Anonymous

    He’s ruining his body with horrible tattoos (not talking about this one in particular)

  • Anonymous

    i need to call the clothing line that produces those trousers. THEY.NEED.TO.STOP.PRODUCING.

    and no. no one can replace “miley christ” -.- lol. haha

  • Anonymous

    i would just like to point out that ? – or ‘Chi’ – does not mean Christ in greek…it’s just a letter. if he wanted it to mean christ he should have written out the whole word ???????. I really hope that’s just a mistake on oceanups part and that hes really not THAT stupid. honestly now.

  • ds

    “Maybe Bieby thinks that he is the new savior??”

    HA HA HA HA…you lifeless creature.