Credit: TaylorSwiftWeb.NET. + Taylor talking about her favorite places to go in Nashville HERE! If you had a day to be anonymous in Music City, what would you do and where would you go? I’d just probably do the same things I usually do. It would be so depressing to think I couldn’t go certain places because people know who I am now.

I love going to the shops in Franklin and walking around the adorable areas in East Nashville (my fiddle player Caitlin’s neighborhood) and walking to Starbucks in the morning. I love concerts at the Ryman, I like going to Target. These are all places where there are always lots of people around, but that’s just kind of where I like going. It’s not that big of a deal, really.

Your top choices for a great meal in the city and what you order? Fido in Hillsboro Village, I like it for its atmosphere and energy. Everybody’s always hanging out there, having lattes in mugs with cute little swirl designs on top. My friends and I like it because it’s open late. Capitol Grille in the Hermitage Hotel.

I took my parents there for Mother’s Day this year, and it had this old school, back-in-time vibe to it. Sometimes I think every restaurant is trying to out-hip the others, this one is really classic, and my brother and I were geeking out about the history of the Hermitage Hotel. Tokyo in Green Hills, This place has a deck to sit outside and hibachi tables inside. The waiters and waitresses are so sweet and friendly.

Do you have any favorite shops in or around Nashville? I have so many favorite shops here. I love Gilchrist and Gilchrist, this family owned shop in Berry Hill. I bought a lot of cute decorations and furniture for my apartment there. For the girls who like shabby chic, go there.

I really like the Hill Center area with Anthropologie and H.Audrey. Fire Finch and Pangaea in Hillsboro Village are so cute too. Fanny’s House of Music in East Nashville has instruments, lessons, sweet ladies who work there and awesome vintage clothes, shoes, and accessories (across the street is Pied Piper, get some ice cream there).

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    she is so beautiful

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    taylor is probably one of the most humblest celebs!! love her

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    I will go to nashville next week. hope see her

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    I always love her interviews