Spring Breakers Girls Le Grand Journal

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  • Anonymous

    i think selena is immature for an 20 years old
    I second that.

  • Anonymous

    selena beautiful

  • Anonymous

    I agree with Selena when she said that Vanessa and her are actors at the end of the day, and basically they aren’t owned by Disney; it was just their way in to the business. What I don’t agree with is the fact that they think taking on roles like Spring breakers is going to propel them into mature actresses gracefully. If they want to be taken seriously as actors they should work for it, it may take years for them to overcome their previous Disney status, but they should really work hard for it to happen. They have to build themselves up, take more sophisticated adult roles instead of jumping into raunchy tacky teenage roles like this. Its regressing them, and they won’t be taken seriously for it.

  • Anonymous

    i think selena is immature for an 20 years old

  • Anonymous

    why you are posting this? no one can understand this. only the french people

  • Anonymous

    i loove vanessa, rachel and ashley. they’re so pretty

  • Anonymous