Selena Gomez Flawless LA Shopper


Flawless Selena Gomez pictured shopping in Los Angeles today!

  • BrokenArrow

    She needs take off the weave


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  • Anonymous

    Spring Breakers is out next friday in LA and NYC. Get ready! (If you’re on age)!

  • Anonymous

    * I mean (next next friday. at the 15th).

  • Anonymous

    Curious about who is she going date next

  • Anonymous

    She needs take off the weave

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  • Anonymous

    So good to see Selena looking so happy! She is beautiful! Btw are those thin mint Girl Scout cookies she is carrying? Lol..awesome!

  • Anonymous

    WTF is up with that hair. ewww

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  • Anonymous

    the three girls look so much better than selena

  • david

    selena needs a haircut

  • Anonymous

    how tall is Selena?

  • dave

    what?? selena didnt make the duck face?? this is weird!!! she looks better without the duck face though