Jelena NOT Getting Back Together

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber have NOT been secretly in touch. A source told The Mirror: ‘Selena is incredibly grounded and very mature for one so young. She was a superb, calming influence on Justin and didn’t stand for any of his nonsense. She is also just as big a star as him which meant there was no ego with either of them.

Pattie Mallette has been instrumental in trying to reunite the pair and told Justin to reach out. With all the trouble he’s been having of late, Selena was one of the first to get in touch and offer her support. The hope is that they will meet up somewhere quiet within the next three weeks. Both have use of a private jet so distance isn’t a problem’

Source told Hollywood Life: ‘Justin calls Selena from time to time, but she’s over him. Selena has kept an eye on Justin in the news and just laughed and laughed. She doesn’t give a s**t anymore. Justin is crazy and she doesn’t want to be his mom anymore.

She feels so free and loves hanging out with her girlfriends. He’s weird and she doesn’t find his behavior hot or anything. She just wants a man who has his s**t together, and not a weird boy.’


  • kary_redfern

    She is also just as big a star as him which meant there was no ego with either of them

    LOL, Really? not a lot of people knew who she was before Justin Bieber, or Nick Jonas, or the Jacob Black guy. Every single one of her bf has serve a purpose.

  • Maya

    uff OU is still stuck on Jelena! Move on im still waiting for a Taylena reunion after der recent disneyland outing and den a romantic dinner. But not keeping my hopes up too high…

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    tired of jelena drama ENOUGH about them please OU

  • Anonymous

    Justin’s worthless money seeking mother needs to stay the hell out of it. Selena was smart and ran while she could and didnt make a mistake of being stuck with him long term marriage/child. Justin’s mom needs to control HER own son not make Selena and everybody else do it. What normal kid would want their ex’s mother trying to push your relationship back together. He’s a mess more so due to his mother’s action or lack there of then he is due to a break up. He always acted immature, selfish and has horrible friend choices. If she was worried more about her son then the money he makes the family then maybe justin could change before its to late. Same goes for his dad just as worthless…buys his already reckless driving son a sport bike…great parenting. Till they get the boy’s ego in check he’ll continue to run around like he’s the most important thing in the world

  • Justinsuglyglasses

    Let’s all pray for the return of Jelena. At this point, it may be Justin’s last hope. Jelena, Jelena, Jelena…….If every poster on Oceanup spent 5 minutes to think of a way to bring back Jelena, we’d be doing a huge public service. In Jelena we trust.