Harry Styles Holding A Baby In Ireland


+ more Ireland fan pix. TV presenter Yvette Fielding, 44, claimed Harry sent her flirty text messages when he was just 16 years old. She and her huband took Harry and his mum out for dinner back when he was 16.

She told Woman Magazine: ‘Harry was sending me disgusting texts from across the table. I can’t even repeat the words, they were so rude! ..He’s a Romeo, he’s very romantic. When there’s a love interest, Harry will go all out to get the girl. He’s totally obsessed. I think that’s what Simon Cowell saw in him, the cheeky chappie charm.

The first time I met Harry, he did a sweeping bow and got down on his knees on the road. I thought, ‘what a joker, we’ll get on well’. He called me his second mum and he and Will lived in each other’s pockets.’

Zayn told The Sunday Life: ‘The best thing about being in the band is the other four lads. I’ve got four very good mates and that’s cool. We all keep each other down to earth and there’s defo no way I could have done this as a solo artist.

I would have cracked and given it all up and gone home by now. The lads keep me grounded and it’s good to know you’re not the only person going through everything. We’re sharing every experience.’