Bridigit Mendler ‘1D All Have Great Voices’

Bridgit Mendler told MTV: ‘I think it’s wonderful how many British artists are transferring over to the United States and they all have something to offer. I think the One Direction boys all have great voices and really catchy songs.’

Ambitions to follow success stories like Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears? ‘Oh I would love to have anywhere near the success that Justin and Britney have had. I mean it’s crazy and it’s wonderful and they’re so talented and so it’s really awesome for people to see my career and see the other people who have come before.

I think that we’re all unique as performers but if I had anywhere near the success that they’ve had then I would be happy. I love Justin Timberlake, I am SO excited to have him back on the music scene. I have been such a fan. ‘What goes around comes around’ that.. That was my ultimate!’