Beau Mirchoff ‘Bad Selena Is Very Sassy’

Beau Mirchoff told MTV that he enjoyed being on set with that bad version of Selena: ‘I think bad Selena was pretty fun. She’s very sassy. That tight leather outfit was pretty funny as well. It looked very uncomfortable. Her doing flips and being in this tight harness, I can’t imagine that was too comfortable.

I didn’t want to upstage her; it’s her show. I didn’t want to be rude. But I did get to wear that cool punk rocker jacket thing as the evil wizard, which was pretty cool.’ Bad Alex and Mirchoff’s Dominic worked side-by-side to cast evil spells:

‘It kind of reminded me of, I was a big ‘Pinky and the Brain’ fan when I was younger, so I thought it was kind of funny, kind of like that. But the whole episode was kind of out there. It’s really creative. It was amazing. It’s kind of similar to theater in a way; the multi-cam, the long takes and it’s all staged, and in that aspect you can really get into every take and really kind of get the tone of it and the feeling of it. That really helped for this specific character.

She gave some advice on how to wield a wand. Actually I really didn’t know how. That was one of my biggest questions, is how to work the wand properly. I didn’t want to look like a fake wizard. So she taught me. It’s all in the wrists basically.’