Bieber Is Falling Apart Without Selena Bieber KICKED OUT OF Paris Hotel?

Justin Bieber‘s friends fear he is spiralling out of control without Selena Gomez. A source told In Touch: ‘He misses her. His friends are a terrible influence and they’re with him nonstop now. Justin’s out of control. He’s going down a bad path.’

However, Selena, is thriving since the split and has being spotted out on the town with her close friend Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Benson: ‘Selena’s in a better place and doing fine without him.’ This is actually very sad for Bieby. Selena has so much power over people!

UPDATE: Justin Bieber was kicked out of The Hotel Meurice in Paris, France. French radio host Jean-Marc Morandini blogged: ‘Justin has just been kicked out of the Hotel Meurice in Paris.

It was a decision taken by management of the luxury hotel because of his attitude in the establishment, and because of the nuisance caused by the presence of his fans around the buildings.’ Hotel Meurice become overrun with Beliebers and the noise became ‘intolerable.’


  • Anonymous

    All sign points toward cheating

  • Esse

    not many boyfriends his age are multi-millionaires lol

  • Anonymous

    I’m not trying to be rude to you at all, but just because he bought her stuff and took her nice places doesn’t mean that he loved her. I’m not saying their relationship wasn’t real, it obviously was, but he could have been an asshole to her, or her to him. You never know. And, we might not know if he cheated or not, there are probably many things that go on that we don’t know about at all. You just can’t judge their relationship based on what’s said on tv.

  • Anonymous

    I really wonder what he did so bad that she is treating him so bad since the breakup.Seriously,he looked like an amazing boyfriend,I mean cmon renting out Staples Center,so many romantic things he did for her…20 minute speech at her birthday wow.Not alot of boyfriends at this age do that for their girls you know.If he did really cheat we would all know it,he can’t berath without world knowing it so we would know if he actually cheated which I hardly think so,he obviously loved her alot.Not ”loved” he stil does,listen to Nothing Like Us.And she can’t stop dissing him ever since,feeling really sorry for him,he is having a really hard time and she doesn’t even care,I hardly think he did something SO bad that he deservs all of this,just hope it won’t make him that desperate to do more bullshit that he’s been doing lately,guys have their own way handling after breakup,obviously he is in a really bad place now,hope he will get better though :)

  • Anonymous

    yeah well she is happy without him and he needs ot find soemone else, and move on, leave selena alone, she does not need him at all