One Direction 3D Movie THIS IS US


1D at Rays of Sunshine in Liverpool, UK. + Louis in Doncaster & Manchester pix. One Direction have announced that the official title of their movie due out this summer is: This Is Us.

This Is Us will see Niall, Zayn, Liam, Louis and Harry navigate the highs and lows of fame. The highs being endless partying with supermodels, tons of cash and hanging out with A-lister mates, the lows being getting an achey hand from signing so many autographs and having to remember to phone home.

Directed by Morgan Spurlock, to be released on August 30, and Niall has already promised we’ll be seeing everything: ‘It’s going to be very all-access, all-areas,” he said at the BRIT Awards last month. “It’s actually just been in the toilet with us, no lie.’

  • duckyhoward15

    I am soooooooooo excited :DDDDDDDDDDDD

  • Anonymous

    ^EW shut up don’t mention about that annoying inbred.

  • Anonymous

    Hannah Montana started the 3D concert movie trend fool^^

  • Anonymous

    This Is Us? US as in USA or US as in them? lol

  • Anonymous

    Hold up the title of their film will be This Is Us? What?!

  • Anonymous

    Thought 1D3D was a better title.

  • Anonymous

    I like how they made it look like the Never Say Never trailer, and movie! seriously… where’s the originality…? I’m not even a Bieber fan. >.>

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