Debby Ryan Jake Austin Kids’ Choice ’13


+ Gregg Sulkin, Bella Thorne and Madison Pettis!


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  • BrokenArrow

    Bella looks super cute

  • Anonymous

    If you look at her face, Debby Ryan is hands down one of the most gorgeous people in Hollywood. She’s definitely overlooked.

  • Anonymous

    How come those girls don’t get nominated for KCA when their shows have been on for awhile…

  • Anonymous Suomynona

    Debbie’s lipstick is off, she should have worn orange or tangerine lipstick.

    Debbie’s red carpet face is always meh for some reason – and on tv she is very perky

  • A

    Debbys shoes dont fit kind of

  • Anonymous

    omg jake’s little sisters look just like him! twin faces!

  • Red Coat

    Debby’s dress is super cute, i would wear it but those shoes HAVE to go. They don’t even match. o_O

  • Anonymous

    who gives a shit about the kcas now ? it is pretty lame ….

  • Anonymous

    UR LAME ….. nah im kidding peace but seriously kids enjoy this show it really is for the kids

  • Anonymous

    the dress is okay but the shoes man! If you have big feet, why where shoes that make them look bigger and completely clash with your outfit.

  • Anonymous

    GURL, those shoes wit THAT dress?? NO. *z snap*

  • Anonymous

    I love Debby and she always has good choices on the red carpet that compliment her body, but that outfit and the colour of the dress drains her I think :/ and yeah the shoes do not match.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t like Debby Ryan, she seems so fake