Amanda Bynes CLOTHING LINE Preview


Looks good?? My selfies we’re taken after those paparazzi photos. I was walking

to a photo shoot for my clothing line & perfume line that’s in the works!

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  • Sparks

    What happened to her?


  • Anonymous

    It’s said that according to a blind that she has a drinking problem…

  • Anonymouss

    you dont like to be judged but then you guys are judging her for her clothes? like wtf she can dress whatever she wants its not like it define her as a crazy lost girl, judge her actions.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • SoHipster_

    is she like all the time on drugs or what is going on with her

  • Anonymous

    Lost soul! If you’re in there,Amanda, break free! But seriously, I hope this is either some elaborate joaquin phoenix style hoax – to draw attention to her clothing line, or that she really does get some much needed help.

  • Anonymous

    I hope she gets through this very strange period in her life, and then can look back at these pics and join the rest of us by saying “w..t…f?”

  • Anonymous

    there is NO way she’s not on some type of drug.

  • Clauber

    Why Amanda? :(
    she is gorgeous and so talented, but i just cant understand why this happend :S

  • Anonymous

    Miley Cyrus 2.0

  • -.-

    Puh-leez she is so not being like Miley, you’re way off… especially since she was around before Miley.