Vanessa Hudgens On Disney’s Secret Club

  • SoHipster_

    Shes sooo beautiful!!

  • Haylor4lyfe

    Haha I’m loving her lately, get em boo!

  • Anonymous

    I used to love V bk in the days, serious obsession! but seriously she is so immature I mean half of the tym in her interviews she acts so dumb its cringe worthy! I miss the old Vanessa!

  • Anonymous

    ^ I think she’s just really happy, especially with all the Spring Breakers hype and anticipation.

  • Anonymous

    I actually know about the secret club she’s talking about! I was watching (I think it was ) the Travel channel and they showed some of Disney Parks Secrets not very long ago.
    It’s basically a hidden restaurant in Disneyland that exclusive members get to go in.

  • Anonymous

    loved the “Lord of the Ring”‘s quote xD

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