Vanessa Hudgens $$$EX Cover + Photos


Listen under if you haven’t heard the masterpiece yet! + Instagram pic update.

Vanessa is on TWITTER and TUMBLR now! Video preview under!

  • Anonymous

    People dont care about Vanessa here. Just Jared is Vanessa’s place. Here is JoBros and Miley place.

  • Anonymous

    I care about vanessa
    what we dont care about is u treating all the jobros girlfriends like celbs
    no one like blanda

  • Anonymous

    This is the reason that even thoughshe is has good intentions and has acting talent..shes not..people dont take her serious. It is not a good song about sex,it is not a good song because it fits the surface/pop culture subjecta of the movie spring breakers. She just sounds ridiculous.Like in her interviews between her high pitched,thirteen year old famous girl laughs and her semi-spiritual sentences.And i thought i wasnt a hater and liked allot her streetstyle..