Amanda Bynes ‘SKINNY’S THE F*CK’


Clothing designer Amanda Bynes pictured today Wearing Sandals on a Cold Day in New York City then going to a Bank to get some Cash, and then getting a taxi. Photos: INF. Amanda said she also has someone posing as her.

Happy 27th birthday Mandy!

  • Anonymous

    Nice cloths…….

  • Lasonya

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  • Anonymous

    Something wrong with her??

  • Anonymous

    its not even that cold oceanup, its like in the 50s

  • Anonymous

    she’s so crazy. you can see her tattoo on her arm…

  • Anonymous

    She is in desperate need of help. It’s sad to see her like this :(

  • Anonymous

    omg someone please help her this is a cry for help wtf happened to her and made her all crazy

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