Zayn The Boxer/ Harry Styles Malibu Home

Harry Styles is looking for a new home in Malibu, California, reports The Sun. His money is managed by his father, Des Styles, who believes buying properties is a good investment. Harry is a big fan of the Los Angeles area,

After buying an apartment there in 2012, but now he’s looking to be a little closer to the water. While his dad has been looking at houses in the Los Feliz neighborhood, ‘Harry has his heart set on a Malibu house on the beach.’

Zayn told Daily Star: ‘I did boxing when I was 15 to 17. I love it and I’ve started training again now on the side, even though we don’t get much time off for exercise. I’m trying to eat healthier so I can bulk up. I’d love to persue it properly one day.’

  • Anonymous

    Zayn boxing is hot

  • Anonymous

    every month those fucking mag are saying they gonna move to LA lol and it always tuned out to be fake… Harry already has 2 big houses in London, plus he bought another big house for his mother.

  • duckyhoward15

    Bullshit , cos Harry’s dad made an interview last year saying that he doesn’t manage Harry’s money and he focuses on his mother that is hospital then he said again Harry is free to do anything he is mature enough to know what is good and what is bad and this is how he raised him , he said he only talks with him for advice (about girls) or to ask about him , one more thing 1D don’t talk to the mirror , daily star or the sun .

  • Anonymous

    ‘The Sun’ is a tacky, gossip paper that never ever fact-checks. It is like picking up a fictional story most of the time.

    In short: ‘The Sun’ is not a reliable source.