+ Harry @ Loughran Gallery in London.

1D 3D movie director: ‘They love eating McD in front of me, but on the new tour they have a trainer who’s keeping them off the Big Macs! The lads have been both in front of and behind the camera. They’ve been filming each other on the tour bus and on days off, great footage.

We spend a lot of down time w/ the band, w/ their families and friends. We really wanted you to see what their ‘normal’ lives are like. One of the things I really love about the lads is how much they care about and support each other. They really stand by one another. More shirtless moments than you can imagine” and that he is considering some special ‘Hair-iel’ shots to capture Harry’s ‘flowing locks.’

  • Anonymous

    what happened to his curls

  • duckyhoward15


  • Anonymous

    He has a new haircut :D

  • Anonymous

    He’s kinda cutee…<3

  • Anonymous

    hehe he is adorable! This movie sounds pretty great. I’m totally forcing my roommate next semester to go with me when it comes out :)

  • corina ormerod

    i loveeeee anything 1D