Amanda Bynes Booted From Gymnastics


Amanda Bynes, 27, was asked to leave a gymnastics class after muttering to herself and bursting into tears, reports NY Post. Mandy stunned onlookers at the Adult Gymnastics class at Chelsea Piers when she ‘showed up in fishnets and a leotard that looked like lingerie.’

The staff became alarmed about Bynes who was ‘muttering to herself and then burst into tears when she attempted a cartwheel and her dark-colored wig fell off.’

‘She immediately started acting strangely. She lined up with the other gymnasts, and each took their turn to perform a roll. But Amanda just walked out on the mat, was spinning around in circles and mumbling to herself. Amanda did a cartwheel, but her wig fell off, and she sat down and cried.’

Amanda was asked to leave the class after a number of other incidents, including walking in front of others as they performed exercises: ‘She went two weeks in a row, but the second time, she was escorted out. Staff were concerned about her manner and worried she might be a hazard to other people in the class.’

  • LillyPotter

    This makes me so sad! :( I really feel for her.

  • Brenda

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  • SlimShady

    ‘I see hair, people’ in Sixth Sense voice.

  • SoHipster_

    I wonder which drug shes taking

  • Anonymous

    I think she’s having some psychological issues. Maybe she could be bipolar or maybe she has Personality Disorder, which is disease that a person has multiple personalities, but it’s not aware of it. I feel sorry for her, she used to be healthy :/

  • Anonymous

    Maybe she’s pulling a Cols Sprouse and conducting a social experiment on the world.

  • Anonymous

    Amanda, gurl what’s wrong with you.

  • Anonymous

    I feel so bad for her! She obviously has something mentally wrong with her and it is sad that the person I grew up watching on TV has turned into this. I hope she gets help

  • Anonymous

    WHERE ARE HER PARENTS, FRIENDS, ANYONEEEE??? someone help her before something tragic or even fatal happens! :(

  • Anonymous

    THIS. Where the hell is her family? Someone check her into rehab or take her to a shrink.