LIVE with Kelly & Michael under! Photos HERE! On telling girls not to wear make-up: ‘If I could tell myself a couple years ago like, ‘Hey you don’t need that much make-up, take it off’.. I’d love to go back in time and just not wear that much. So I wanted to show girls like, hey, you don’t have to do that to your face.’

On her new record: ‘I did do one collaboration, I did a song with Cher Lloyd.. it’s just a girl-anthem, it has a lot of attitude, a lot of sass. I just thought she’d be perfect on it. All the other songs are by myself; I co-wrote with a lot of people. Some of the songs are very catchy pop songs that will get stuck in your head… and there’s other songs that are a lot heavier than some of the other things I’ve released in the past.’

On her past: ‘When I was younger, I didn’t really treat people that great. I was growing up, I had hormones, and I was overworked, and in the midst of a ton of other issues. And.. I wasn’t nice to people.. It’s something that I had to learn the hard way. I didn’t have many people around me at the time telling me ‘Hey, you’re being a little brat.’ And now, I do, so if I’m getting grumpy, I have people around me that’ll say ‘straighten up, because you’re better than that.”