Taylor Swift DIET COKE Commercial

  • Anonymous

    i adore her

  • BrokenArrow

    It tastes horrible imo

  • L.A.

    Coke is carcinogenic and full of caffeine. So great for her young fans to drink!! I mean i drink it too, but a girl whos main fanbase is about the age of 15 should think more before going after the money for a promo deal.

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  • duckyhoward15

    “Make fun of our exes” we already know you do .

  • Anonymous

    She admitted recently in a magazine interview that she is partially to blame for the breakup with her and harry. While what she did at the grammys was immature, its old and should be laid to rest. Directioners need to seriously stop with the taylor hate, they have been over for months. I am a directioner saying this, it makes the fandom look bad.

  • Anonymous1

    Given her fanbase, it is so wrong that she is promoting Diet Coke. Without even getting into the discussion about Aspartame and how bad it is for you, her promoting DIET Coke is just sending a terrible message to young females. Her PR team really didn’t think this one through.