Zac Efron Jen Lawrence ‘Most F*ckable’


Details’ 10 Most F*ckable Celebrities: 1. Bradley Cooper 2. Channing Tatum 3. Adam Levine 4. Zac Efron 5. Ryan Gosling 6. Megan Fox 7. Jessica Abla 8. Jennifer Lawrence. 9. Kate Upton 10. Mila Kunis

+ Zac shirtless on Townies set!

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  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    zac is so fuckable :)

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    where did megan fox go,she fell into a black hole it seems

  • Anonymous

    chace crawford!

  • Anonymous

    FINALLY a list I agree on everyone in even when none of my faves is in it

    all those people are beautiful and attractive