Justin Bieber Tells His Mom To ‘Shut Up!’


Struggling popstar Justin Bieber is furious with mom Pattie Mallette since she admitted in a recent interview that she ‘prays for him.’ An insider told Star: ‘He feels like everyone is against him. The last thing he needs is his mom making him look even worse. He freaked out over her interview..

..and told her to stop talking about him.’ Friend: ‘Justin thinks he can do no wrong, but he’s losing a lot of fans, there has been a huge turn against him, and everyone worried ti’s the beginning of the end. Even Pattie can’t get through to him. So she prays a lot, at this point it’s her only recourse.’

  • Amber

    Justin is a life long evangelical Christian who is very religious and devoted to God. Like he always says, he’s a good person. Unlike the Jonas Brothers, he remained faithful to his religion and did not become corrupted by drugs and alcohol. All you haters should focus on the Jonas Brothers. Those guys are not that pure anymore. Justin’s mom should mind her own business. Her son is 19 and can take care of himself.

  • Anonymous

    First of all, when someone says they’re praying for you, its not always a negative thing. she could be praying for his success and his good health. Second of all, either way and at the end of the day, Pattie is his mother and she is always going to worry and care about him so she doesn’t need to “mind her own business because Justin in her business. and Lastly, justin is not a saint.. he was at a kegger at 17 (legal age limit in canada is 19 and in the states 21 and he was neither) and he was caught smoking marijuana (which he apologized for on SNL). The jonas brothers have nothing to do with justin. just because they’re both christian, doesn’t mean they lead the same lifestyle. Everyones relationship with their god is different. The jonas brothers are way older than justin and just because he throws his faith in the faces of his fans doesn’t mean he’s practicing what he preaches.

  • Anonymous

    Lol, Jonas Brothers on drugs and alchohol? lol, I think you’ve mention the wrong people. Hmm, let’s see who’s been drinking much and smokes pot. And by “pure” it’s because one of them is married and they’re older than Bieber. Bieber is still a kid, he really needs help cos he’s out of control. It’s much better that your mother cares and prays for you instead of just abandoning you and letting you do all the things you wanna do (if this thing is true.)

  • Anonymous

    Unlike the Jonas Brothers, he remained faithful to his religion and did not become corrupted by drugs and alcohol.

    drugs and alcohol.. LOL

    Those guys are not that pure anymore.
    Saint Bieber, amem

  • Anonymous

    Just because they don’t flaunt how they believe in God or Christ doesn’t mean they’re not pure. How can a certain person with absolutely no bad press be not pure where one individual has been caught smoking pot, showing off his “body.” And threatening to beat someone up considered as pure. Obviously you people don’t understand the meaning of pure. If we’re comparing, The true pure JB would be the Jonas brothers.

  • Anonymous

    I’m convinced he’s bipolar or suffering from some other type of mental illness. I’m worried about him.

  • Sparks


  • Anonymous

    Pattie is his mom, she worries about him as wouldn’t you if your child was in the indistry and was seeing pics of him smoking and drinking.. praying is not bad what so ever and him telling her to shut up is proving he is getting out of control..

  • Anonymous

    Okay I don’t believe this, but justin is still losing it if you ask me. He has done some pretty messed up things these last couple of months. People that still act like he is a saint and that he does no wrong are delusional.
    And the jonas brothers have nothing to do with this. Why bring them up?

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  • Amna K

    Well someone needs a slap across his face.

  • Anonymous

    You should get one considering the fact that you believe this bullshit.

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  • BangBang

    You guys do know that comparing who is the ‘purest’ isn’t going to help anything? Whether the article is true or false, I think it’s good his mother is praying for him since she said herself that she can’t do that much anymore since he’s a ‘grown up’.BTW someon’s relationship with their God is personal and is none of our business :)