Pre-order DEMI at Target for bonus song ‘I Hate You, Don’t Leave Me’.

More photos HERE & HERE! DEMI Target Tracklisting:

1. Heart Attack
2. Made in the USA
3. Without the Love
4. Neon Lights
5. Two Pieces
6. Nightingale
7. In Case
8. Really Don’t Care Featuring Cher Lloyd
9. Fire Starter
10. Something That We’re Not
11. Never Been Hurt
12. Shouldn’t Come Back
13. Warrior
14. I Hate You, Don’t Leave Me (Target Exclusive)

  • Anonymous

    OMG don’t act like calling someone fat is justified. That is disgusting, no wonder so many girls have eating disorders. Its not a compliment to most girls and no she isn’t fat. There is a huge difference between fat and curvy. Demi is curvy. Shut up and learn some respect for other people. That’s just totally messed up!

  • Anonymous

    lol, did one of those girls really scream ‘DEMI, GIVE ME A RIDE’

  • Anonymous

    It kills me to see how much people judge this poor girl, especially knowing she onc had an eating disorder and was teased for her weight. Have some fucking consideration and point out the REAL thing you should be looking at. Her talent!. Voice of a goddess.

  • Anonymous

    Them girls seem annoying. Lol

  • Anonymous


    thats kinda fucked up but its true nevertheless

  • Anonymous

    she has not gained weight, she already had it.
    Demi is a fat person but that’s nothing new.

  • Anonymous

    does the title of that video seriously say she’s gained weight?
    what the actual fck, do people not realize she had an eating disorder. this kind of sh-t triggers people god damn

  • Anonymousjen


  • Anonymous

    Oceanup. That’s that shit I don’t like

  • Sparks

    Demi Lovato Has Gained A Little Weight

    Are you serious? Wow.


    demi isn’t fat, it’s not our video

  • Jess

    I don’t wanna be mean even if I sound so, but Demi is fat! you need to admit it!
    The point is that she looks good even being fat. I mean, her curves are so cute! she has waistline defined, and that makes her body look nice. even though her legs are so big but I still like her body.
    Example: If Selena were fat, she would look horrible because she doesn’t have waistline like Demi Lovato does.
    Selena is a broomstick.

    So why do you all feel offended when someone says Demi is fat if is not a bad thing on her because she looks great?
    I rather fat Demi than skinny Demi!

  • Anonymous

    Know the difference between fat and thick. Demis NOT fat…she is thick and its the SEXIEST thing ever. I bet most men would prefer some nice curves like demis, as opposed to a skinny and curveless girl like selena. Demi lovato looks perfect the way she is.