Justin Bieber Poor Tickets Sales In Oman


Via Y-Oman: Ticket sales for the Justin Biebers’ gig in first few days of release were disappointing, confirmed Alive Entertainment, the promoter behind the concert. Alive Oman’s Robyn Green said: ‘Ticket sales are going slowly.

We didn’t get the rush of sales we were expecting over the first weekend. The newspapers did not carry the full page ad we had wanted, which didn’t help.’ Just a trickle of people bought tickets on opening day rather than the hoards expected. Two event security guards brought in to control potential crowds had nothing to do.

Ticket sellers sat with their phones to stave off boredom as disinterested shoppers wandered past. ‘It wasn’t the huge rush we were expecting. The school holidays haven’t helped as a lot of students are away. The bad press he has been getting in the UK might be part of it.’

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