Union J Carry You Video Behind Scenes


Union J: ‘Carry You is about getting support from people around you. The fans are helping us and we are helping them. It’s a good upbeat pop tune we hope everyone will love. It feels like a dream to be doing this. A year ago I was at university doing my graphics course and leading a normal life.

It’s weird and it’s great. My dad lives in Nottingham so it’s been nice to do it here. It’s different and has lots of quirky areas like the Jam Café and the Vintage Shop. We didn’t want to use locations that had already been used in other videos.’ George: ‘It’s important to still have my guitar. I went into X Factor with my guitar and it’s a big part of my identity, so the boys wanted me to keep it.’

JJ: ‘We all came from four different places to sing together as one band. And that’s what the video represents. Josh is the worrier and serious one, George is the computer geek and the creative one, Jaymi is the parent and the demanding one. I’m just the laid back one. We all bicker but we’ve got so close it feels like we’re brothers. Arguing is healthy, I think. We always hug before we go on stage.’

Josh: ‘We are always being compared to One Direction because we are both boy bands and come off X Factor. We’ve even been compared to The Wanted but we think it’s amazing as they are the biggest groups on the planet right now. If we can even have 20% of their success we’ll be pleased. We hope their fans hear the single and see that we have our own style and like us too. There is room for all of us.’ Jaymi: ‘Harry Potter and Twilight shared fans, but they were around at the same time. We’d be Twilight, though.’

Jaymi: ‘I have just moved into a new apartment and it is so much fun. It’s a good party pad. The development JJ and I are in is great, and I have no fl at above me, which is good for playing loud music. My flat is big enough to invite everyone round for a party. Some fans tried to sneak in recently as they found out where we lived.’