‘Stun Gun’ Found On Justin Bieber’s Bus


Justin Bieber will not be charged with drugs found after his bus was searched by the police in Sweden, April 25: ‘No one shall be held responsible for what happened because no one was in the bus when we searched. So, do not know who to blame (since no one was caught red-handed using the drug). ‘

Authorities: ‘It is suspected that someone was using drugs. A small amount of marijuana was found. The result of the test to determine which drug was being consumed will be ready in about 14 days. Authorities also found a stun gun in electric buses, another illegal product in Scandinavian territory.

Justin is not allowed to carry electroshock weapons or narcotics in Sweden. Because the bus was empty, we do not suspect. So we do not know who to question. We do not know who was on the bus when it left the Grand Hotel (where Justin was staying). We have to have a reason to question someone in Sweden. We can not just accuse someone, try to find the right suspect.

We also do not know when they were put on the bus or who was (marijuana and electroshock weapon) or was there a long time. The bus came from Norway, so may have to be placed before the Swedish territory. The gun and drugs were seized, we have to settle for that. Swedish Hotel prank under!


    surprised fans can support such a douche, but whatever floats your boat

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    This is another of the endless attempts to smear this kid. The fact is this police chief could have had an idea by noting the room it was found in;over a dozen guys use the bus.The guy claimed smelling pot in an empty bus? than they are not sure what it is? Something is rotten in Denmark! Why moreover is Justin treated as if they were his,if true. haters will believe anything negative about him because they want to.

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    this kid need to be arrested for taking drugs

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    Seriously this is pissing me off to no end. From his driving to his multiple phyisical attacks on the paps to this he needs disoplin and consoquencse he NEVER gets a consoquens for what he dose which makes him think he can do it more. Come on cops grow some balls and diaiplene the kid he’s not untouchabke.!!!!!!