Louis Tomlinson & Niall Football In Paris


Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson play soccer before their concert at Bercy. The One Direction stars had enjoyed a week off from work, as they took a break in their tour schedule, but last night the European leg of the shows kicked off in France. Photos: GSI Media. Niall dancing under!

  • Anonymous1

    one thing i can respect about these boys is that they understand the proper amount of sag one’s pants should have.

  • Sparks

    I don’t get it why all of them are all tattoo lovers now. Like they’re tattoo adicts.

  • Anonymous

    I never thought Louis was cute, but he is looking incredibly attractive with these tattoos…


    louis does look hot

  • YO

    Louis was cute before now he’s hot!

  • Anonymous

    he does realize he’s in a pop group not a gang right

  • Anonymous

    Are Louis tattoos real he has so many. Like to many imo

  • SoHipster_

    Damn Louis looks fine

  • Anonymous

    I never realized how many tattoos Louis ad before!

  • Anonymous

    when the fuck did louis get so many tattoos!

  • Anonymous

    I guess tattoos are as addictive as they say…
    I’m glad to see Louis tattoos look more uniform: They have some style to them and they are being placed on complimentary parts of the body. I do hope that he stops soon but if he doesn’t, I hope his tats will be of high standard,no more of those scribbles like some of his earlier ones.

  • Anonymous

    I like Niall. I hope he never (unless he genuinely wants to) caves into the “norm”, especially when the norm leaves permanent marks.
    One critique though, I wish Niall’s hairstylist would go a couple of shade lighter on the blond hair dye. It looks waay too light, according to these pics.

  • Anonymous

    ok, louis looks really hot.

  • Anonymous

    damn bby wassup

  • Anonymous

    That can’t play for shit…

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