Selena & Bieby Brought Together By God


Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber have rekindled their romance with the help of Pastor Judah Smith. The source told HEAT: ‘Selena’s been in touch with Justin’s best friend Pastor Judah Smith and asking advice on how she should approach things. He’s convinced that Selena can help Justin, so he’s doing everything he can to get them back together.

Selena’s been asking friends like Ryan and Judah how she should win Justin round. She feels he needs her more than ever and wants to at least be friends with him again, she thinks he’s lost his way without his usual support network and wants to make sure he’s alright.’

Judah: ‘The celebrities that I counsel are some of the most isolated and sometimes alone people in the world. I’m a firm believer in community and having people around who love you.’ He gave Selena a copy of the relationship book The 5 Languages of Love: The Secret to Love that Lasts in a bid to help them work through their issues.


  • Anonymous

    Stupid, useless idiots. All of them. DONE!

  • Anonymous

    I knew there was something I didn’t trust about this Pastor Judah Smith guy. Does Judah stand to gain money for helping Justin get her back?

  • Anonymous+1

    I dont think I buy this. I mean Selena doesnt need to win him back. Sel was much better off without him & didnt he cheat on her, So why would Selena need to win someone who cheated on her back. Wait did I stumble into the Twilight Zone again

  • SubwayToVenus

    Babies <3

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Am I the only one that actually thinks this is all for publicity? Or they never even broke up. Whatever it is, it’s getting old and annoying.

  • Anonymous

    LOL IRL.

    WTF, they’re young, they’re not doing anything unusual from normal relationship people.

    If they’re meant to be they’ll be together if not then they won’t.
    Stop the dramatics please.

    That pastor has a big mouth if this is true but something
    about this is still off. She’s still not claiming him while he’s
    claiming her but it says here that’s SHE’S the one trying to
    win him back.

    I’m sticking with PS.