Amanda Bynes Wants Blac Chyna Look


The police did not go to Mandy’s home she’s happy and healthy! Amanda Bynes In Touch interview: Is it true you needed to shave your head after a bad dye job? AB: Yes, I had to shave my head. It’s so annoying to have no hair at 27. I have extensions that I love but I miss my own hair.

Explain the facial piercings. AB: I wanted to look like [stripper] Blac Chyna. You’ve said you’re starting a fashion line. AB: I love Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s clothing line…and I love how Justin Bieber dresses. My line will be a mixture of sick styles, and it’s going to be for everybody. Do you think you have any issues with addiction? AB: I don’t drink. I’m allergic to alcohol. Where do you see yourself in five years? AB: Happily married!

  • Jinxx.

    justin biebers style? she’s gotta be trolling.

  • Anonymous

    so…she look up to Justin’s “style”…jummm interesting…

  • Anonymous

    Happy and healthy? Please… Girl shaved her whole head, said someone else was pretending to be her (when in fact she admitted it was her after all), says she doesn’t talk to her family or friends anymore which means she’s completely isolated from the world. She swears at gossip sites like crazy, acting so bipolar sometimes and now she’s basically taking nudes of her and posting it on twitter.
    Can’t believe no one tried to drag her to rehab until now.

  • Kellie

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  • Anonymous

    It’s so funny that she claims all her haters are ugly. I mean seriously, has she looked in the mirror in the past 2 years?


  • Anonymous

    OU stop posting about her, we already know she’s a mess

  • SoHipster_

    Wait she shaved her WHOLE head?!
    I didnt knew.
    but she actually looks like that stripper just like her little sister