Noah Cyrus New Queen Of The Street


Now that Miley Ray Cyrus has chosen to hide in herself in an ivory tower from the paparazzi, Noah Lindsey Cyrus takes over for her looking beautiful on her bike for a ride around Los Angeles with a friend. Photos: PacificCoastNews.

  • Anonymous

    Why are they following her? There should be some law that protects following/stalking children, especially, if they are not/no longer pursuing a showbiz career.
    I remember the last time I saw a headline on her, it was about her wanting to do equestrian sports or something – not acting or singing.It’s a little disturbing and unfair that a child, even if she seems unaffected, has to live her life in a bubble…


    she needs her own disney series!

  • Anonymous

    she’s beautiful. don’t say that about a little kid. How would you feel if someone said you arne’t as pretty as your sisters?

  • SoHipster_

    Shes still not so pretty as miley was or brandi…….