Selena Come & Get It Album Video Details

Selena on Come & Get It fashion: ‘I worked with my stylist that I’ve had since I was 15, and when Anthony came on board he was really supportive of wanting me to have a little bit more control with it when it came to the fashion end of it. And that [black] dress was actually a last-minute dress because I was wanting it to be more long-sleeved. But with the field and everything and the setting, [Mandler] wanted it to be a little more sensual. I get it: it’s a beautiful dress and I definitely love the pop with my hair.

I’m excited, though I honestly feel like it’s the best video that I’ve done and I got to work with great people on it. It looks beautiful, the wardrobe looks great. It was fun for me to have a little more creative control over it. When I got the concept from Anthony, the director, it was perfect, because he did an earth, fire, wind water feel, and it was very, as he called it, ‘earthy,’ And I loved that, because I feel that’s what the track represents, and I like that we applied it.

In reaction to a lawsuit from Adrenalina Inc, Selena has filed counterclaims alleging $5.2 million in damages. According to her legal papers filed on Wednesday in L.A. Superior Court, Adrenalina promised to pay her a 5 percent royalty with a guaranteed minimum payment of $5.7 million. The counterclaims says that the promises by Adrenalina turned out to prove meaningless:

‘As would later be disclosed in public filings, but which was not known to Ms. Gomez or her representatives at the time, Adrenalina was a company with a checkered past and without the wherewithal to fund its financial commitments. The lawsuit was a tactical ploy to escape liability for its own breaches of contract and exposure to millions in damages.

By failing to pay its bills, and by jeopardizing the brand with a public lawsuit, Adrenalina has breached both the express terms of the license and the ‘implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing’ that enures to every contract. Under these circumstances, Ms. Gomez had no choice but to terminate the license to protect her reputation and brand.’

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    #2 on the maxim hott 100!!! Congrats Selena :)

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    LOL Selena didn’t even mention it and got second while Miley had to beg her followers for votes.

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    Either way, Miley and Selena (no matter how pretty they are) being at the top 2 spots on that list is a joke.

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    Miley had to beg her followers for votes.

    You just said it she asked her followers to vote, do you really think she needed to beg them to make them vote? lol