Nick Jonas shopping at Food Lion today! Via madisonkelsey.

  • Anonymous

    i really think that nick was just growing out his hair for the movie. i believe once it’s done it will be gone again. i really don’t think he likes his curls because they make him look like a child.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think he’ll ever let his hair grow back to full curls though. He will probably keep it short like this for a while. He’ll have to keep it exactly the same as it is in the movie for a while, in case they need to go back and do some re-shoots, which can happen. But I do miss the shaved head, he looked a lot older with it, which is what he prefers. His facial hair is going to come back for sure, he told fans he prefers to have the scruff vs being clean shaven.

  • Amber

    oh god, he’s so freaking handsome. Please don’t cut your hair again nicholas

  • Anonymous

    His look is perfect now. I like the hair & his clean-shaven face..

  • Anonymous

    he looks semi happy and tired too !

  • Ernesto

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  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    he said he won’t cut his hair, he said he is growing his curls back but he asked fans some patience, it takes some time. He is really handsome but he looks 100x better now than when he shaved his hair.

  • Anonymous

    I think he is looking happy now, I think he is bonding with his co stars and he is more confortable with his role now, a couple of weeks ago he looked tired and stressed, it takes some time, he had never acted before and he said his character was taking him to the edge or smt like that. I’m sure he’ll do a great job in CWYWF can’t wait to watch.

  • Anonymous

    one word HOT

  • Ramonita

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  • yesaella

    hey guise quick question.

    is the user ‘OCEANUP’ the actual owner of the site?
    cause i thought this website was run by a 40yr old man? thats what i remember….ive just always been confused…thanks! ;D

  • yesaella

    and i promise im not trying to hate! ive just honestly been confused hahaa

  • Anonymous

    He looks happy.

  • Anonymous

    He’s so handsome!
    I wonder if after the movie he’ll cut his hair or not. He surely won’t shave his facial hair but maybe he’ll also let his hair grow?

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