Taylor To Sit In Between Justin & Selena


Source told Us Weekly that Taylor Swift will sit right next to BFF Selena Gomez who in turn will sit alongside Bieby. It’s ‘clearly no accident’ they’ll be seatmates: ‘Their camps must have requested this seating arrangement. No way would it have happened without their go-ahead.

Of course Selena’s BFF will be sitting next to her! There was no sign of Selena [During Bieber's rehearsal], but he was in great spirits.’ From Shira: Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran concert in Houston! My friend caught her hat during the concert and I got to try it on.

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  • Anonymous

    where in that text does is say that taylor will be in the middle? I got the context taylor next to selena next to bieber, selena being in the middle



    ^Ed Sheeran: “It will be quite weird sitting in the front row between her (Taylor) and Jelena.”

  • Anonymous

    are they back together or not,confused?

  • Anonymous

    There are so many theories to that question.

    The break up was a PS

    The sitting arrangement is PS

    They’re going back to being friends

    Justin’s whipped

    Selena & Justin actually love each other

    They’re testing their (on again off again) relationship with the public

    They’re finally going to have a proper relationship and not force it
    into peoples faces

    They’re friends with benefits

    Too many to guess from but I guess that’s what they want, to keep the public interested by not confirming anything so people stay interested.

  • Anonymous

    Taylor needs to world tour. Her ‘Red’ concert looks dope.

  • Anonymous

    it confuses me how there are people in this world who actually give a fuck about the lives of celebrities.

    Like, don’t get me wrong … I understand being interested in the gossip, obviously I’m guilty of that since I’m on here reading about it now and then.

    But I honestly don’y understand how people can claim to “hate” certain celebrities, or actually feel angry toward a celeb because of who they date, who they’re friends with, how they dress etc.

    A.K.A people who hate on selena because she looks “young,” or dated justin, or is “copying” miley.

    A.K.A people who think miley is “too skinny,” an “attention seeker,” a “slut.”

    It’s just strange to me. Don’t you people have your own lives to worry about? I don’t know about you, but there are plenty of issues in my own life that actually affect me which get me angry or upset. I’d rather have as little things that make me angry or stressed in my own life, let alone become obsessed with the lives of celebrities .

    It’s just strange.

    Even though no one really said anything rude in this post, just thought I’d mention.

  • Anonymous

    …then why are you on oceanup smart stuff

  • SoHipster_

    I think they’re now friends or try to be. I think the ‘break up’ broke bieber down now she trys to help him for being there for him.

    By the way; Why does everybody non stop blame gomez? I mean i dont like her either, shes fake. But i doubt bieber is that inconnent like yall act. Like it’s not even possible that hes so inconnent. Hes a 19years old dude that hangs out with 20+ gangsters…lol. They know how the game works.

  • Anonymous

    We dont know them behind closed doors BUT Justin at leasted respected her publicy after all her lame shit towards him, he wrote that song, chased her and she fucks him up totally, she is 15 mentally honestly. To me looks like she is controlig him, playing his mind and treating him like a toy but shows it in the media like she is a princess and a goddes but her actions lately speak different.. remember what Tyler said lol she cant stand his friends I guess , or his fans and this whole relationship seems business to jer Odk to me she is cold hearted, I feel sorry for him sometimes even tho he can be a douchehow come he be dumb like this not see the truth standing right in front of him?

  • Holley

    This design is spectacular! You definitely know how to keep a reader amused. Between your wit and your videos, I was almost moved to start my own blog (well, almost…HaHa!) Excellent job. I really loved what you had to say, and more than that, how you presented it. Too cool!

  • Anonymous

    Selena is a gold digger people she will dump him again after her album sells good and tour just wait and see, she did it this year because she was thinking SB will be best movie of year but ended flopping big time so she ran back to him right after their ‘reunite’ and weeks of promo her song jumped on charts but still sucks and she has no talent. Bieber needs to be smart and dump this girl or she will fuck him up totally

  • Anonymous

    It just pains me to watch ( even tho I sometimes hate Bieber ) him put up with so much bullshit and drama and stress from this pathetic girl… If he dated Demi or Miley or Ariana or any other girl she wouldn’t be fucking him up so badly and playing with him. Pretty sure wouldn’t only use him for fame because all of these above actually have talent and have respect from people in music while selena is a joke. I never liked her and It is impossible to like such a fake girl, he seems to be a real person and do his own thing but she is mugging him and controlling him like she is his mom :S I feel sorry for him because he might come out as a douche sometimes but he seems a cool dude with a big heart and will only get fucked up by her AGAIN and seriously I don’t want to watch another Bieber breakdown caused by her mind games, I’m sure she kept on messing with him since the split and just fucked him up more and more and he just ignored it and never dissed her back? He must love her then..

  • Anonymous

    After her albums sells and tour she will dump him again ;) wake up people

  • Anonymous

    hahaha this shit is so funny, really Taylor is sitting in between them lol, is everybody in on the joke except JB OR……, it’s painfully obvious that this is PR fueled bs seriously I CAN’T ANYMORE.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    where in that text does is say that taylor will be in the middle? I got the context taylor next to selena next to bieber, selena being in the middle

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  • Anonymous

    Him and me both. That just gave me another reason to love him.

  • Anonymous

    Well they were sitting like this in 2011 too, but I dont think Bieber needs all the bs from selena actually he doesnt really need any of it he is in headlines for breathing while people dont care about selena unless she talks about him or taylor lol these two have at least some talent to offer what does selena have ? Face of a 14 year old lol she is the only attention whore here, just a fact

  • Justinsuglyglasses

    Is there anything that Justin, Selena and Taylor do that is not motivated by an insatiable desire for publicity? Why sit so close to each other if Jelena is truly over? Why put Taylor in the middle? If Taylor and Selena are BFFs, why put Justin nearby? These people are just pathetic. I’m really glad people are starting to see through their endless stream of publicity stunts,

  • duckyhoward15

    Poor Taylor this will be really awkward tbh

  • Anonymous

    No sane person cares about Jelena anymore, they’ve worn the shit out of that publicity stunt.

  • Anonymous

    Ohhh we gonna get more dancing wooooo

  • Anonymous

    ed said he’s sitting front row with taylor and jelena. he legit said JELENA

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, I don’t get why Ed said it would be awkward sitting between Jelena.. If they’re a couple.

  • duckyhoward15

    Ed hates PDA and you know Jelena and their kisses .

  • Anonymous

    Poor Bieber sitting between two fakest bitches in Hollywood lmao Remember Selena talking all that shit about Justin and whole.never getting back together shit and disses now she is back with him suddenly sitting with him too and her bff swiftie who she probably talked a lot about bieber behind his back , how come jb be so dumb after all her games ?

  • Anonymous

    ^ He’s a hormonal 19 yr old boy who fell in love
    with an older female. He’s whipped.

  • Anonymous

    Taylor will let them hold her grammys.

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