Kevin Jonas ‘Opposites Attract’


Kevin Jonas told OK! ‘It’s funny because both of us are pretty much the opposite. I’m very messy so sometimes that bites me in the butt because she’s extremely organised and clean, so it definitely takes a toll, but it’s nice having that person with you. You start to realise how nice and clean everything is all the time.

The other night we had an argument. Sometimes you say things you don’t necessarily mean or it’s misconstrued. All you want is for the person to be with you. It came across as me never wanting her to get a job and that I think her place is in the house, and that wasn’t my opinion at all.

Anytime we can be together is important and anything fun or unique we haven’t done in a while is always nice. Going for dinner is always a plus or going to a movie or bowling.’

  • Anonymous

    Opposites attract but never last. You have to have some similarities with your partner to have that connection.

    I hope nick finds the one soon!

  • Anonymous

    She is ugly anf he is beautiful!

  • Anonymous

    opposites never attract, he is dumb.

  • SoHipster_

    ^ you are actually the dumb one here.

  • Anonymous

    Opposite attraction worked for me and it still does :)

  • Anonymous

    Completely irrelevant but this guy looks just like Joe