Kristen Stewart LESBIAN RUMORS


Kristen Stewart was spotted ‘flirting and getting close’ to a woman on a night out in Hollywood after her split with boyfriend Robert Pattinson, reports Star. Insider: Kristen was seeking comfort ‘in the arms of another woman. Kristen seemed down. The woman kept rubbing Kristen’s back and putting her arms around her.

They were so touchy-feely and definitely seemed to have more than just a friendship going on.’ Kristen was spotted out on Monday night looking happy as she partied with a group of friends in Los Feliz, Los Angeles just hours after Pattinson was spotted moving his stuff out of her mansion.

The couple reportedly haven’t spoken since they decided to end their romance on Saturday following a ‘blow out fight’. Source told Hollywood Life: ‘If he and Kristen don’t get back together I can’t imagine he’ll want to hang out with her.

There’s way too much emotion there, he’s not even speaking to her right now and he doesn’t want to see her. From the few things he’s said he does sound pretty angry at her.’ Do YOU think that Kristen is a lesbian or bisexual? Maybe she is into Taylor Swift!

  • Anonymous

    OR…maybe she was just being comforted by a really close friend. -_-

  • Anonymous

    Because “Star” is the most reliable source, this is totally right… Right?!
    Lets not be stupid and remember that she’s a human being.
    That girl in the picture with her? Scout Compton, her best friend, who was probably the female in refrence to this travesty of hard hitting reporting.
    And if this picture is supposed to back up this “claim”, i just want to point out that this was taken several weeks ago.. with Rob in attendance. But like, you know, who cares about facts anyways. A+ posting!

  • threelittlebirds

    so now if a girl is seen being hugged by another girl it automatically makes her a lesiban? Come on, you’ve never been comforted by your best friends after a breakup. Get real, gossip mags.

  • duckyhoward15

    Didn’t they say the same thing about the Jennifer when she broke up with her boyfriend and traveled with her female friend , anyway gossip cop denied that .

  • Steph

    The girl on the Picture is Scout though… She’s got a boyfriend.

  • Anonymous

    What a surprise

  • Anonymous

    pretty sure she likes the D since she was with Rob for so long. do idiots not realize we need time with our girls as soon as we end a relationship?

  • Anonymous

    Really that people only think that now? I always tought she was bi!

  • SoHipster_

    Hell no hahahaha

  • Anonymous

    I’ve always gotten gay vibes from her tbh