Demi Lovato ‘I Used To Manipulate Guys’

Calendar of Demi’s upcoming appearances under!

May 29 – BBC Radio 1 at 1:30 pm / NYLON Magazine is out

May 31 – Alan Carr: Chatty Man on May 31st at 10pm (UK) (Channel 4) / Concert at The Tabernacle (London, United Kingdom)

June 5 – Fan Party in Milan, Italy

June 11 – X Factor Auditions: New Orleans, LA / DEMI – The book launch

June 12 – X Factor Auditions: New Orleans, LA

June 15 – B96 Pepsi Summer Bash

June 16 – Much Music Video Awards (Toronto, Canada)

June 19 – X Factor Auditions: Long Island, NY

June 20 – X Factor Auditions: Long Island, NY

June 21 – X Factor Auditions: Long Island, NY

June 28 – 2013 GMA Summer Concert Series

June 30 – X Factor Auditions: Denver, CO

July 1 – X Factor Auditions: Denver, CO

July 2 – X Factor Auditions: Denver, CO

July 4 – The Philly 4th of July Jam (VH1 and Palladia)

July 10 – X Factor Auditions: Los Angeles, CA

July 11 – X Factor Auditions: Los Angeles, CA

July 12 – X Factor Auditions: Los Angeles, CA

August 20 – Trip to Kenya

August 31 – Festival People En Espanol 2013

August 31 – Festival People En Espanol 2013 (San Antonio, TX)

  • Anonymous

    lol she surely shouldn’t have said that. Ok, maybe it’s good that she’s spitting it out and that she’s realized what she was doing. I don’t think she’s still “sick”, because people who have mental illness can’t realize these kind of things. She’s out of rehab and probably still is doing therapy. She struggles with life, like any kind of person, and had a disorder.
    I really feel like Demi improved a lot. In the beginning she was that kind of “manufactured disney girl”, always faking smiling. Now I feel like she can be herself and can express herself better in her songs. She’s been talking with Selena, also. It’s just nice.

  • Anonymous

    of course she is a manipulative bitch! she cheated on her boyfriends including Joe and then tried and still tries to pull the victim card…she is fuckin pathetic. she needs to go back to rehab and get treated some more. she isn’t being honest in the slightest with her fans she is playing them like she does everyone else. im glad the Jonas brothers and any of her so called other friends don’t interact with her anymore she is/was a drama queen that’s why no one can bother with her anymore. she is addicted to playing a game to bring more attention on her. she does not take mental illness seriously; they are more an excuse for her fucked up behavior.

  • Anonymous

    haha…I agree with ur statement

  • Anonymous

    Ew at all your fucking ignorant comments. You poor children.

  • Anonymous

    Demi’s been so real lately, it’s making her so much more likeable than she already is – sorry your girl Sel can’t say the same. Sad.

  • Anonymous

    It’s sad to see these comments saying Demi is stupid and annoying and no one should take her seriously . You just have to remember that she’s an inspiration to many people and you have to respect that .if you don’t agree that’s fine just be like “I don’t like her ” you don’t have to be so cruel and violent about it because in the end your a nobody and she has become a somebody that deserve respect weather you agree or not.

  • Anonymous

    Oh so being famous makes you a somebody? brave, truthful people are nobodies? lol ignorant 13 year old – “you don’t have to be so cruel and violent” “your a nobody” that escalated quickly tho, if YOU don’t agree its fine just say that you like her instead of kissing her ass, everyone deserves respect, unless they don’t have self respect & Demi has proved that she doesn’t now shut up and go back to tumblr

  • Anonymous

    All I have to say is that OU hates Demi!! Good bye

  • xAskTaylorx

    Surprise! Surprise! -___-

  • Anonymous

    dont like her

  • Anonymous

    “I USED”???

    ok bitch, stop pretending you are FINE now, ’cause we all know (at least smart people) you still sick. psychotic schizophrenic you should be on rehab. You were born to be right there forever.
    Oh and stop using your mental illness to try to sell your mediocre songs and albums. you are so pathetic it makes me vomit.
    oh I just remembered vomit is something you love to do. ha. ironic.

  • ALS

    Curiously, its Always the same “anonymous”…. Hahaha your such a loser. Demi can say whereva she wants ok?? You don’t like it? Then get out of here and go fu*ck yourselft

  • Anonymous

    You were a bit cruel on your words, but at some point you’re right.
    I think Demi still has a mental imbalance.
    Lately, I’ve been seing she’s working so hard and that’s something made her go to rehabilitation a few years ago…so.
    I think she’ll never be 100% fine.
    that’s why I’d be scared to have a friend or a family member with her problems. Thanks God I have not a person like Demi close to me. and poor her.

  • Anonymous

    i hate her she is so fake dah

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    Manipulate is a lovely word. Why doesn’t she tell the whole truth and say she lied and cheated on guys, including Joe, then played the poor victim when she got dumped for it? She still lies and her idiot fans believe every word.

  • SoHipster_

    Well, thats something you might shouldnt tell the world

  • Anonymous

    Shut up demi!! urgh shes so annoying- smh

  • Anonymous

    Yes Demi you’re BA. Hold up though, still gotta try and maintain that victim persona to appease your team! Your life is so hard -_-

    Demi, just STOP. Your new album will sell mediocre so please stop being so thirsty for more.

    And for that person who attacked Selena, why do lovatics always trash Sel to defend this crap? You guys are so stupid lol

  • Anonymous

    That kinda offended me I know you didnt mean to but I have bipolar disorder & i’ve been bullied too, i used to cut but now i dont cuz it doesnt really do anything ‘cept ruin your wrists, but im nowhere near demi’s ‘case’ she isnt like this because of her issues, its her personality, the girl who bullied me acts like her even tho shes not bipolar, some people like to sound badass and like to convince people they’re so happpppppy but trust me im nowhere near her :) just thought i’d give tell you this maybe it’ll change your opinion on us (ppl w/bipolar) :D

  • Anonymous

    I LOVE how OceanUP is filled with smart people seriously i hate twitter because lovatics are always there, its like watching people getting brainwashed and not being able to do something about it

  • Anonymous

    Firstly I’m not 13 secondly I don’t have tumbler and thirdly I don’t see any ass kissing. I agree that being a somebody doesn’t mean you have to be famous ,the fact is demi has changed people’s lives and that deserves respect and you say she doesn’t have self respect ,how would you no ? Do you no her ? Have you met her ? Have you talked to her ? I’m going to take a wild gusse and say no . All I was trying to say is people need to think before they write things and realise its not ok to call people stupid and wish death upon them.

  • Anonymous

    STILL LOL’ING @ YOU BASIC ASS BITCHES. If ya hate her why creep her posts? Annoying.

  • Anonymous

    “When I don’t care, I can play em’ like a Ken Doll…”

  • Anonymous

    She’s seems the type to talk to guys hookup flirt and lead them on but not a relationship idk though lol I used to be like that 9th && 10th lol hey atleasr she’s being honest

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    haha she’s a bad bitch love her!!!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Not surprised. whore

  • SellyismygirlCrush

    ya we knew that already..

  • Anonymous

    Lets talk about the fact that she used to manipulate everyone in the world with her big smile and loud laughter. I knew something was up with her, she was never honest. I will never take her seriously. Which is a pity because her voice is amazing.

  • Anonymous

    I will stab demi to death and choke selena gomez to death by her own panties and when demi and selena are finally dead i will hide their bodies undiscovered for a long time

  • Anonymous

    No one should take her seriously except her Ass kissing lovatics, shes so annoying and stupid – she tries to be badass but shes just embarrassing herself, shes the opposite of classy!!

  • Anonymous

    Can someone give me the vid link? it says its not available in my location but if its on YT then can someone post a link? thnx in advance

  • SubwayToVenus

    Well this is really sad, you could tell how fucking heartbroken Joe was after she threw her pity party and almost blamed him for all of her issues just because he dumped her. Sometimes I feel like she doesn’t take the many mental issues she has seriously.