Kevin Jonas Shell Art For Jersey Shore


Hannah Doherty, 8, who was inspired to start Shell Kids, a group of four to nine-year-olds who decorate shells to raise money for the Jersey Shore’s recovery, gets a little artistic assistance from Kevin Jonas.

  • Anonymous

    It’s nice,but is it just a coincidence that joe goes to Moore to help bictims of the tornado,Nick goes to visit diabetic kids,and Kevin goes to Jersey Shore to help there for their recovery,but all doing this around the same time? then Mr Jonas goes on twitter and say he’s proud of his sons.I’m NOT saying this is something they wouldn’t do,because they’re good guys,but I think their father planned it.Maybe there has been no attention on all 3 brothers as a band,and so what else,but do charity.Regardless this is sweet,none the less :)

  • Anonymous

    Correction: *victims…. sorry

  • Anonymous

    Kevin is an angel for doing this !Joseph is a blessing, just like when he went to Africa ! :D

    so happy with these positive post about the brothers ! Kevin with the Shore, Nick and the movie and everything, and Joseph with OK…

    they are making such an impact for so many lives !