One Direction Lisbon, Portugal Pictures


+ new meet and greet photos. Zayn’s mom Tricia Malik, 41, signed up for Twitter to defend him from trolls attacking his Muslim religion and Asian background. She struck back: ‘Hope you’re happy now Zayn noticed your tweet! You can’t even imagine how it made him upset, you psycho.. My son is strong enough.’

One Direction’s unauthorized feature film ‘Reaching For The Stars’ got great reviews when it played at the Cannes Film Festival and it includes a lot of never-before-seen clips, just like One Direction’s ‘This Is Us’ film.

According to One Direction’s travelling chef Sarah Nicholas: ‘Harry loves Asian food and is quite an adventurous eater. If he’s tired he might choose the pasta dish, but most times he’ll only have protein and vegetables.’

Liam Payne lies his bacon, steak and vegetables.. while Louis eats anything, but a bowl of Special K is his favourite. Zayn is very easy to please. He just likes a pasta with Bolognese or spicy chicken. He’s not a foodie and eats whatever’s going. Niall likes more simple food, like sausage and mash, pies, creamy chicken pasta or chiken kiev’.

We don’t supply any alcohol. But Yorkshire teabags are a must. Louis is the main tea-drinker, he’s from Doncaster so he lovevs Yorkshire tea the most. They also drink more juices and water than fizzy drinks. Before they go onstage, they tend to have orange or apple juice, Capri-Suns or Rubicon.’