Amanda Bynes SkyZone In Brown Wig?


Amanda Bynes told Perez Hilton to kill himself after he released a picture that of someone that looked like her at Skyzone:’ THAT’S NOT ME! I’m so sick of fake fans such as Perez Hilton! Send the picture to me privately first to confirm that it’s me! I’ve never been to SkyZone! That looks nothing like me! I don’t own a brown wig!’

The person who photographed ‘Bynes’ said she was wandering around aimlessly sporting huge sunglasses and a brown wig. When asked why she’s in Buffalo, she replies ‘We’re not in Buffalo.’ UCLA addition specialist Dr. Adi Jaffe told Cosmopolitan that Amanda may have developed a mental disorder:

‘The reality is that your brain isn’t really fully developed until your early to mid-20’s, so we see psychiatric issues, which originate in the brain, start creeping up during this time. Statistically, women display mental health disorders at the twice the rate that men do, while men display their substance abuse issues at twice the rate women do.’

Source told E! News about the possible impostor at Sky Zone indoor trampoline park in Buffalo, New York: ‘She was great. She was very friendly to the staff and came and just jumped around.’ Arrived around 7 PM and stayed for about an hour until they closed the facility.

‘She told us that she had been to a Sky Zone before and had really liked it and she said she loved jumping around. She said was definitely going to come back.’ She requested the staff to not take pictures of her. However, lots of patrons to the facility did take photos: ‘She seemed like she was having a lot of fun. She was all over the place, jumping and falling but that’s pretty typical of a trampoline place.’

Owner said: ‘Amanda had to sign a waiver. She has the same DOB and same tattoos ..she checked in using her middle name and same last name. She did not use ‘Amanda.”

Tweet ‘Perez Hilton is an ugly gay bully. If you like him I won’t be your friend.’

  • Anonymous

    ^someone doesn’t understand trolling…

  • Anonymous

    Amanda snatchin wigs ;) haha

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  • Anonymous

    Well, half the people on oceanup, I hate to break it to you, but that’s how you sound. Cold dosage of reality…

  • Anonymous

    Oceanup!! Kevin Jonas smoking cigars in the Bahamas:



  • Amanda’sfriend

    ‘Perez Hilton is an ugly gay bully. If you like him I won’t be your friend.’

    PREACH QUEENAMANDA! Perez is a worthless queer!

  • Anonymous

    I watched She’s The Man! lol whata funny coinkadink yeah it ain’t her at the Skyzone it’s her brother Sebastian! LOL

  • amandaplease!

    She said it wasn’t her(That’s What ilike about you! Girl!)
    So it could be one person… It was clearly Penelope Taynt!

  • Anonymous

    That actually doesn’t look like her…

  • SoHipster_

    Its her, lol.
    Basicially she calls everyone that doesnt talks to her or says shes ill, is ugly & sucks? How grown up!

  • Anonymous

    That long tweet to Perez have always been my accurate thoughts on him lool That’s seriously What I Like About Youuuu(Amanda) :) XD

  • Anonymous

    she lashes out at everyone. she really needs to join a psych ward.