Austin Mahone Loving You Is Easy NEW


+ 9 Interesting Facts about Austin Mahone via AustinMahone.BZ- He is a virgin (Accurate May 2013) he is waiting for the right girl -Rocco [Austin’s manager] says Austin doesn’t really get nervous before shows -His debut album was delayed because all of the songs he recorded sounded completely different, he couldn’t pick a style

-He hates the taste of alcohol -His mom hired someone to open his fan mail because he gets so much. -He likes playing NBA 2K12 -His dad committed suicide when Austin was 2 -His mom has been remarried twice since -His mom left her job as a loan officer in Autumn 2012 to manage Austin’s career

  • Anonymous

    Virgin?! *____*

  • NarrySex

    he is waiting for me :)

  • Anonymous

    This guy is the heir apparent of Justin Bieber. Or at least their marketing him as such, but he’s pretty good from what I see.