Taylor Swift, ‘Never Be Jealous’


Taylor Swift TIGER BEAT interview. Best summertime makeup tip? Summer is when you need to go light on makeup. If you’re not allowed to wear makeup, do something fun with your hair. It’s OK not to wear makup. It’s angelic. There’s beauty in being makeup free that you can’t get across with makeup.

Craziest thing you did with Abigail? We never fit in with the cool girls but we took prie in that. We would go out for dinner in prom dresses. Like, prom dresses accessorized with scarves, fingerless gloves and jewelry. We’d draw beauty marks on our faes and wear tiaras and funny slippers. We didn’t care! That’s the best thing you can do in high school, try not to be cool!

Best advice anyone has ever given to you? Never be jealous. You can be competitive, but never be jealous. If you’re jealous in a relationship, it’s because you’re not confident in yourself. First kiss? I was 15. I was one of the last of my friends to ever kiss a guy. It wasn’t a bad kiss. I think it was cute. We ended up dating for a year! Best way to get a boy to notice you?

I think it’s always good to be somebody’s friends first. If it escalates into something more, that’s awesome. If not, now you’ve got another friend. Best way to tell a boy you like him? I ran into this problem a lot when I was in junior high because the guy I liked neve noticed me. The best thing you can do is give little hints. Go up and talk to him! But don’t seem desperate. And never chase a boy, because it’s their least favorite thing.

Favorite ice cream flavor after a big breakup? Cookie dough!

  • SoHipster_

    Being jealous just shows that you CARE, not that ur not confident -_-
    Just shows how much she sucks as girlfriend. Smh

  • Anonymous

    Queen. That first comment is so dumb. Lmao. Confirms my theory that her haters are idiots.

  • Anonymous

    Taylor should stop giving advice

  • Anonymous

    Ewwww, what an ugly, scrawny looking piece of trash.

  • BrokenArrow

    I agree, if you’re jealous it’s because you feel insecure with someone else around. You can totally show you care about someone without being jealous of someone else :)

  • Anonymous

    Haters probably just hate her cos its the ‘cool’ thing to do like seriously go get a hobby or smth

    Anyway this made me like her more she seems REAL unlike other stars, and its cute about the first kiss thing :)

    I Agree you can’t have a PERFECT relationship if you’re jealous all the time – being competitive means you do CARE but you won’t RUIN the relationship

    She just made me a Swiftie xD haha

  • SellyismygirlCrush

    lol who would take relationship advice from this chick?