Zendaya New Single ‘Replay’ Next Month

Zendaya’s new single single ‘Replay’ will be released next month: ‘Everyone has done it differently, and my main thing is that I don’t want people to compare me. Everybody has their own way of doing things and they do it great. It’s beautiful to see people grow up, especially in this industry, it’s hard. But for me, I’m gonna grow up like Zendaya would grow up. Who knows how that’s gonna happen, but I think it’s going to be pretty great because I have great parents.”

Zendaya on Demi Lovato giving her advice: ‘She was just saying that she was very supportive of me and she wanted to know if there is anything that I needed or if I needed someone to talk to, because she definitely went through what I’m dealing with. She really did do this.

This is what she had to do as well, and it’s nice to have almost a big sister, mentor, someone to talk to because this is not the normal teenage situation. If I was a normal kid, I’d be at school right now, but it’s our normal. It’s nice to know that.’

  • Anonymous

    Zendaya is so fucking annoying, one day when I meet her i will jam a knife in her leg

  • yesaella

    teamZENDAYA may God bless her career :)